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In simple terms, aromatherapy describes the effect of using essential oils to positively stimulate the human body. It is typically seen as an alternative medicine for its ability to heal many parts of the body, including organs such as the skin and the brain.

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The science of aromatherapy is all within the essential oils. An essential oil is a natural oil extracted from a single plant species, either from its root, stem, leaf, flower or fruit. The oil is created through the process of either steam or water distillation. What makes essential oils so great, is not only their super strong scents but also their ability to contain a very high concentrate of the host’s vitamins and minerals. Aromatherapy makes use of both of these features.


Aromatherapy works in three different ways. Through smell, absorption through inhalation and absorption through the skin.


The most common kind of aromatherapy is through smell. Our sense of smell is the most primitive of all of the five senses and holds connections to some of the deepest parts of the brain. Breathing in the odour of essential oils can trigger emotional and physical responses that can lead to vivid memory recall of people, places and past events.

 When we light our scented candles or switch on our fragrance dispensers, they release aromatic molecules into the air, which we then breathe in. These molecules travel to the top of our nose where they come into contact with nerve cells called olfactory cells. These particular cells have very small hairs that only recognise a specific aroma. This is called the lock and key process because only one hair will recognise one scent. This process causes nerve impulses to travel to the part of the brain most concerned with instinct, survival and emotions. This is called the limbic system. Because each aroma is so different, each scent communicates with the limbic system in their own way. This is the reason why some scents can make you feel energised, and others can make you feel relaxed.

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Absorbing essential oils through inhalation is another way aromatherapy works. It works in the same way as smelling the scents through the first method but at a much stronger scale. This method works particularly well for people who are suffering from sinus issues such as a cold, blocked nose, sore throat or heavy chest. This is because a lot of essential oils hold anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that can help to relieve the symptoms. Some essential oils are so effective; they can relieve the symptoms of infections and allergies caused by the environment.

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The final way aromatherapy is practised is through the absorption of the skin. The molecules in essential oils are so small they can penetrate through the skin, enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the whole body.

This method has been known to prevent the signs of ageing both physically and mentally. This is because a lot of essential oils contain anti-oxidants that help to prevent cell damage and protect against the build-up of toxic waste in skin cells. Applying essential oils to the skin also stimulates the cellular renewal process, enhances blood circulation and can address skin problems such as acne, eczema and ageing skin.

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When used correctly, aromatherapy really is quite amazing and can do wonders for the mind and body. If you want to find out more information about what essential oils are best for your needs, visit our blog.

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