Best fragrances for Christmas time

What are the best fragrance for Christmas time?

A great Christmas fragrance can instantly give your home that festive feeling. From fruits to spices, here are a few suggestions on the best Christmas fragrances to make your home smell amazing this holiday season.

Most of the fragrances mentioned in this blog you can easily find online or in local shops in a variety of forms.

best christmas fragrances cinnamon

1. Cinnamon

Voted as the UK’s most loved Christmas scent, there is nothing that smells more like Christmas than cinnamon. Its warm and spicy scent can effortlessly fill your home, making it feel cosy and festive.

There are many cinnamon scented products on the market, including scented candles, potpourris and reed diffusers. You can also find cinnamon sticks, powder and essential oil in local shops and online.

2. Cardamom

Cardamom is a close relation to cinnamon, so you can use it as a substitute or as a sidekick to it. It holds a slightly sweeter and herbal fragrance to cinnamon, as a result, it is commonly found in kitchens to spice up curries and soups.

best christmas fragrances cardamom

Cardamom can be found in many forms. Although less common, you can find cardamom in scented candles. We highly recommend a pure essential oil form, due to the fact that the scent is much stronger.

best christmas fragrances orange

3. Orange

Orange is another Christmas classic. Its sweet, fresh and zesty aroma works in union with the likes of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

You can find oranges in fruit or essential oil form, easily on the high street. Peel or grate the skin into a bowl and leave them to dry in a room of your choice. You can also spike oranges with cloves to utilise its scent.

Why not give your Christmas dinner a little festive kick by adding an orange and lemon juice mixture to your gravy?

4. Fig

Although the scent of fig can be used the whole year round, it really steals the show near Christmas. Its fruity, woody and lightly smoked scent is often described as being relaxing and moreish.

best christmas fragrances fig

Fig can stand proudly alone, as its scent is very dynamic and sophisticated. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can mix fig with a large variety of other Christmas scents like nuts and oranges.

best christmas fragrances ginger

5. Ginger

Ginger is a plant that is used avidly around the world for its unusual taste and medical features. It’s sweet and spicy scent holds a typical warm Christmas tone, which is why it’s in this list.

Ginger is, of course, one of the main ingredients that give gingerbread men their kick. you can add ginger to a number of foods to spice up your Christmas grub. Adding ginger to your Christmas pudding or rubbing ginger shavings onto your turkey before cooking is a great way you can exploit the scent.

6. Pine

The scent of pine is fresh and woody and accompanies Christmas perfectly. Pine trees are grown in every part of the UK, so getting your hands on fresh pine should be easy.

You can use cedarwood as a great alternative to pine as they both share a similar fragrance.

best christmas fragrances pine

best christmas fragrances frankincense

7. Frankincense

First of all, frankincense was, of course, one of the three gifts given to Jesus when he was born, so it holds deep connections to the Christmas festival. Its aroma is sweet, smokey and woody, therefore it makes a great fragrance for the Christmas holiday.

Frankincense is usually sold as an essential oil, but you can also find it in pure resin form. Not only does it hold an amazing scent, it also holds many wellbeing and health benefits, which is why it is considered so highly.

8. Cloves

Cloves are one of the strongest smelling spices in the world. They are often described as having a pungent, bittersweet scent with a combination of cinnamon and ginger. The warmth the scent of cloves release is perfect for creating that festive atmosphere.

best christmas fragrances cloves

You can find whole or grated cloves in the spice section of supermarkets. It also comes in essential oil form, which is used for a number of health benefits including suppressing the pain caused by toothache and improving blood circulation.

best christmas fragrances nutmeg

9. Nutmeg

Finally, this list would not be complete without a nutty scent. Although nutmeg is a seed and not a nut as is often believed, it holds a very pleasant nutty fragrance perfect for Christmas. We recommend you use nutmeg freshly grated, but you can also find it as an essential oil.


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