Firstly, let me introduce myself and welcome you onto the Bewell Manor website. My name is Courtney Robinson, I am 23 years old and I am the proud founder of Bewell Manor Limited.

It would be my pleasure to tell you how we began.

It was winter of 2017, and I was moving into a small shared flat in central London for my final year at university. I soon realised that my flatmate was an avid indoor smoker who rarely took the courtesy to open windows to dispose of the smell.

Over time I found that the odour started to cling to my clothes and having not had any problems in the past, I began to develop breathing problems.

I went online to try and find a device that would help cleanse the air in my room. I found that air purifiers were too expensive and scented candles and air fresheners only seemed to conceal the smell.

So I went researching to try and find a fix to my problem. I soon found out that when used as a candle, beeswax has air cleansing and purifying properties that help to neutralise pollutants, dust and mould from the air. So I went looking for a beeswax candle online, but I couldn’t find any glass filled ones. Why was this? The lack of choice on the market encouraged me to purchase my own wax and make a candle myself. It was a huge success! I saw my breathing problems disappear almost overnight.

Once the first candle was fully burnt away, I made another. This time I added some plant, fruit and spiced based essential oils to enhance the scent. I found that certain scents played a role in altering my mood. Some of the scents made me feel alert and optimistic, while others made me feel calm and relaxed. Aromatherapy!

I thought that there was a market for these types of candles, so a started making them in batch and selling them at local London based markets and independent gift shops. I decided to get them professionally branded, and now I sell them to people around the world.


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Courtney Robinson